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Keen Incline High are the amazing boots which have been designed to ensure that your every step in full with comfort. These boots also ensure that you get stable and supportive ride on ice and snow and your feet remain warm all the time in hard and cold winter weather. These boots top class built quality which offers long lasting wear. These boots also features modern materials and technologies which deliver ultimate comfort and support. The upper of these boots is made from the leather which is waterproof and very durable. The upper has the pull on loops on the top of the shaft which combine with the slip on silhouette of these boots to deliver easy and fast on and off wearing. These boots features the Keen.Dry technology which is the waterproof membrane and it keeps your feet dry inside the boots by stopping the water from penetrating the boots. This membrane also offers breathability to keep the interior fresh and dry. The interior of these boots has been insulated with 200 grams of Keen.Warm technology which blocks the warmth inside the boots from escaping out and the cold from getting into the boots to ensure that the interior environment stay as warm and cozy as possible. To make the interior more warm, the lining has been made of the wool felt which is ultra-soft and comfortable. This lining allows you to keep on wearing these boots for hours with supreme comfort. The lining prevents abrasion and it also wicks the moisture off your feet to deliver fresh, healthy and odorless wearing. The footbed has the thermal heat shield which also helps in keeping the feet warm and toasty and it stops the cold from getting into the boots from the outsole. These boots have the TPU shank which provides excellent arch support to make your walking more easy, comfortable and stable. The outsole has been made from the non-marking rubber which has dual climate ability. This outsole works perfectly on the wet and dry surfaces and provides traction to ensure non-skid, stable and secure walking. The outsole also deliver flexibility to make your ride comforting. The outsole hardens on the cold weather to provide superior traction and grip on ice and snow for great support and stability. These boots have the Keen Patented Toe Protection just like most of the styles by Keen. In this protection system the outsole has been extended upwards on the front of the toe to make a bumper which offers protection in case of accidental bumps. These imported boots have 1 Ĺ inches of heel with Ĺ inches of platform. The shaft is 11 inches tall with 17 inches of circumference. These boots weigh 1 pound and 14 ounces as per size 11. You can find this style in these colors: Dark Shadow/ Black.



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While exploring the great outdoors, via our built in mode of transportation that take on everything that our egos want us to. Yes, I am referring to those funny looking things attached to the ends of our legs, FEET! Fact is we have to take special care of them. That is why Scarpa is an excellent choice. Superior construction from folks that have boot making down to a science. These boots are durable, light, and ultra comfy with minimal break in required. Your feet perform magic for you, so treat them right by putting them into a pair of these. They will love you for it.


I bought the Scarpa Kailash GTX boot after researching what hiking boot would give me the most bang for my buck. I have been wearing this boot to work for the past couple of days to break them in. After wearing them to work I noticed that my feet didnít hurt as much from standing and moving around all day. Can't wait to hit the trail to test them out further!


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