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I got these in a local store because they felt light and sturdy. I didn't even take these up for a hike before I returned them. As I wore them around the house, my ankles started to rub really bad... And I was wearing thick/tall socks! They were light and seemed like great shoes but I just didn't want to deal with wrapping my ankles with bandages in order to hike. Borrowed my friends brand new Vasque Breeze LT GTX and they didn't take long to break in at all! not like these... no blisters around my ankles!


These boots are so comfortable and easy to wear. They seem a lot lighter in weight than some of the other hikers that I have worn. This was my first go round with this brand and I am so glad that I tried them. One thing... I do wish that I had gotten a size 8 1/2 instead of my regular size 8 because I think a little more toe room would have been even better.


I love these. I had another brand of hiking shoes that seem to have gone down hill in quality control so we checked into these. I wanted a nice pair of shoes that are waterproof and comfortable. My husband got a pair of them first and I was so jealous that I had to get a pair for myself. We both love them!


I have a pair of the mens Targhee boots and have loved them...I am due for another pair pretty soon as I have worn them almost daily for 2 years. After about 6 months of hearing how ugly all women's hiking boots are, I showed my fiancÚ the women's version of these and for once she didn't hate them. I had those boots wrapped up before she could change her mind. She now loves them and looks hot in them too. My father is now also a fan ...very comfortable boots for everyday use.


These hiking boots are the best. In the past I've had to spend a long time breaking in hiking boots, but these were perfect from the get go. I've used them for everything, light hiking, heavy hiking, walking through campus in the snow, even for 15 hour long bar-tending shifts. They've been great for everything. Before this I owned some bags and a wallet but no shoes, I doubt I'll ever buy hiking boots from another company.


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